Local Law 97 (LL97) of 2019, also known as the Building Emissions Law, aims to limit emissions from buildings in NYC. While LL97 has undergone some updates to provide clarity for building owners, the compliance rules are still difficult to understand, with hard target dates and ongoing emission targets for various timeframes. In addition to making the necessary changes to comply with LL97, any changes to meet the new standards require an application to the Department of Building (DOB) for review and approval.

What Type of Permit Do I Require?

The type of permit you’ll need will depend on the work you are doing and how that work fits into the LL97 framework. All major renovations require working with an engineer or architect licensed in New York State.

There are generally four types of permits that are required:

  1. New Building (NB): This permit is required to construct new structures. In addition to reviewing the application for soundness and compliance, it is also examined by the (DOB) for any legal or zoning objections. Objections must be remediated before the DOB will approve the application.
  2. Alterations Type-1 (ALT1): This permit is required for major alterations that will change the use, egress or occupancy of a building. The process for applying for this permit is similar to that for a new building.
  3. Alterations Type-2 (ALT2): This permit is required for multiple types of work that do not affect the use, egress or occupancy of a building.
  4. Alterations Type-3 (ALT3): This permit is required for one type of minor work that does not affect the use, egress or occupancy of a building.

Most types of retrofits will fall under one of these categories. Any time you work on HVAC, plumbing, electrical (including solar) or make structural changes, you’ll need to apply to the DOB with the appropriate plans in place.

Help for DOB LL97 Approval and Permits Is Here

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