Visual Site Inspections

Visual site inspections of your NYC building are a vital part of how Latitude Compliance helps you reach and maintain compliance with LL97 and other applicable local energy efficiency laws. While this is Step 4 in our overall 13-Phase Strategy to help NYC building owners reach LL97 compliance, we also perform visual site inspections on an ongoing basis.

Our project manager visits your site to review the overall health and efficiency of your building. After our thorough review of all the collected data and ECMs, we assess the building energy procurement analysis data to calculate the best investment for your building’s conditions and operational needs. We also determine if and where your building is currently deficient and how the most economical and successful changes and upgrades can be made.

Then, our specialists can make recommendations for necessary renovations, upgrades or other changes to move your building along the planned pathway toward full LL97 compliance and better energy efficiency.

NYC Overall Building Health Assessment for LL97 Compliance

Compliance with LL97 and other applicable laws require that building owners submit annual emissions intensity reports beginning in 2025. These reports must be formulated and/or approved by a registered design professional. Latitude Compliance has the specialists with the skills and knowledge to compile the necessary data and craft these reports for your building.

Moreover, our site visual inspections and other evaluations are integral services that allow us to formulate a workable plan for reconfiguring, retrofitting or replacing building systems that pollute the environment or otherwise use energy inefficiently.

Contact the team at Latitude Compliance for more information or to schedule a free consultation. We also offer in-person and remote company workshops about LL97 compliance. Ask about it when you call or message us online.