Renewable Energy Credits (RECS)

In addition to recommending retrofits, renovations or upgrades to reduce the carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency with your building, Latitude Compliance can also offer other methods of reducing your reported output and energy usage that can lower the penalties for your building. One such option is renewable energy credits (RECS).

RECS (pronounced: rěk, like wreck), are verifiable credits you can use to demonstrate that a portion of your electricity came from a renewable source. RECs give you certified proof that you are using renewable energy without having to utilize renewable energy systems at your building. This is especially helpful for buildings in New York City that may not have the infrastructure to install solar panels. With RECs, you can reduce your building’s reported carbon footprint.

It is important to note that LL97 allows NYC building owners to purchase RECs to offset annual calculated building emissions. However, LL97 only “allows building owners to deduct or offset annual building emissions by buying local RECs – green power generated in or flowing directly into New York City” (NYSIO Zone J).

NYC LL97 Compliance Experts

The NYC LL97 compliance experts at Latitude Compliance may recommend a combination of different strategies to help you reduce potential penalties from your building’s carbon footprint. On-site renewable energy generation (such as through solar panels), carbon offsets and battery storage are popular options. We will work with you and various specialists to determine the most workable and affordable solutions possible.

Latitude Compliance has a vast array of relationships and connections with specialists and organizations that help us design tailored strategies for NYC building owners who need assistance with bringing their properties into compliance with LL97 and other applicable laws. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with your organization, shareholders or co-owners. We are happy to explain the ramifications of LL97, how they affect your building and how we can help.