Promont, Latitude Compliance, and Smarcon: The Optimal Choice for New Construction and Retrofit Projects in New York City

Are you embarking on a new construction project or planning a retrofit for an existing building in New York City?

Perhaps you’re grappling with finding the right architect and designer for your project, overwhelmed with how your new or existing building can comply with the aggressive Local Law 97, or struggling on-site with uncoordinated drawings that are causing unreasonable costs and delays. Our consortium, comprising of Promont, Latitude Compliance, and Smarcon, is ready to simplify all your construction and compliance challenges.

Promont, Latitude Compliance, and Smarcon

More About Promont: Developer and General Contractor of Your Vision

Promont is a leading General Contractor with over two decades of construction and development experience in the Tri-State area. The experienced team at Promont offers comprehensive construction project planning and development, project management, coordination, and execution services.

With established relationships with various architects, engineers, consultants, and subcontractors in the New York area, Promont excels in finding, securing, and coordinating the perfect fit for your project. They work closely with you from the initial planning through the completion, while exploring options in value engineering, precise estimation, site assessment, and design coordination. Promont will handle everything involved in securing the right drawings and then leverage all their expertise and relationships to ensure your building is completed on time and on budget.

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More about Latitude Compliance: NYC Leaders in ESG Compliance

Latitude Compliance is a team of NYC Local Law Compliance experts, with backgrounds in property and construction management in New York. In a city defined by stringent energy-efficiency mandates, Latitude Compliance excels in delivering innovative solutions that ensure your new building or retrofit meets local NYC regulations, while reviewing their clients’ best interest in financial rebates and grants, good faith measures, and complete transparency in retrofit options in meeting compliance.

Their mission is clear: to shield your property from penalties, ensure unwavering compliance with regulations like LL97, and simplify the entire compliance process for you, project managing the phases from start to finish.

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More About Smarcon: Building the Future with BIM

Smarcon is where Building Information Modeling (BIM) takes center stage in both new construction and retrofit projects. Smarcon’s BIM experts leverage cutting-edge technology and digital reality to precisely identify issues and clashes in your proposed building’s architectural, structural or MEP drawings well before the construction phases to produce seamless shop drawings for all various multi-disciplinary trades, decreasing change orders and predicting reliability in material take-offs, construction schedule and budget.

The team at Smarcon is also able to use energy modeling of new or existing buildings to locate operating or embodied carbon issues or verify that proposed solutions will be effective in virtual reality, before implementing them in a building. The local BIM team ensures that you are making the best cost-effective solution for your building.

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A Collective of Unparalleled Expertise

We have curated an assembly of the finest minds, resources, and innovations within the construction domain. Whether you are embarking on a new construction project or seeking to retrofit an existing building, our expert team offers a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring meticulous planning, efficient execution, and a successful journey from the inception of a new construction project to the precise planning involved in an existing building retrofit, to final occupancy.

Choose the optimal path for your NYC construction and compliance needs – choose the triumvirate of Promont, Latitude Compliance, and Smarcon.