As our planet’s resources continue to dwindle, conserving water wherever and however we can is essential. New York’s Local Law 97 (LL97) requires buildings to comply with energy efficiency standards by a specified deadline. Part of the overall changes to your building may include the plumbing.

Apartment buildings, in particular, can see considerable water waste due to the many people living there and their varying water use habits. Fortunately, the Latitude Compliance team can help you pinpoint water conservation solutions as part of your overall LL97 compliance strategy. Here are some of the most common plumbing solutions to help conserve water in apartment buildings.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Installing low-flow fixtures is one of the most effective plumbing solutions for conserving water in apartment buildings. These fixtures, such as low-flow toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators, are designed to use less water without sacrificing performance. By replacing older, less efficient fixtures with low-flow ones, apartment building owners can significantly reduce water usage.

Recirculation Systems

Another plumbing solution for conserving water in apartment buildings is installing a water recirculation system. These systems work by circulating hot water through the building’s plumbing system, eliminating the need for residents to wait for hot water to reach their faucets or showers. This conserves water and reduces energy consumption by eliminating the need to run water for extended periods.

Locate and Repair Leaks

Apartment building owners can also implement water-saving practices such as fixing leaks. By fixing leaks, apartment building owners can prevent water from being wasted and potentially causing damage to the building.

Encourage Better Water-Use Practices

Encouraging residents to take shorter showers and use more effective water-saving methods can also make a big difference in water conservation.

Water-Efficient Landscaping

Another plumbing solution for conserving water in apartment buildings is installing water-efficient landscaping. This can include using drought-tolerant plants, installing drip irrigation systems and using mulch to retain moisture. Using these landscaping techniques, apartment building owners can reduce the water needed to maintain the property’s landscaping.

Get Help with LL97 Compliance in NYC

There are many plumbing solutions available that can help conserve water in apartment buildings. Our team at Latitude Compliance can help you identify measures to conserve water and improve efficiency at every level as part of your overall LL97 compliance strategy. We can help you inform and encourage tenants toward better water-saving practices and help you find financing and resources for installing new plumbing and appliances.

Plumbing is just one aspect of LL97 compliance. Other areas include carbon emissions, electricity use, gas or oil use, solar options, better insulation, better HVAC and clean air solutions and sustainable building practices.

Obviously, this cannot all be accomplished at once. You need a professional assessment to see where your building needs changes and a plan for implementing those changes on a specific timeline to meet compliance deadlines. Contact Latitude Compliance in NYC today for more information about a building assessment and LL97 compliance help.
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