LL97 Implementation Plan Options

Once the specialists from Latitude Compliance complete the initial energy audit analysis, building assessment and on-site analysis, they can recommend suitable LL97 implementation plan options catered to your specific building. Our experts know how to break down and simplify these options to help you understand what is needed and how to make it happen in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.

Some common areas where an implementation plan for changes is needed include:

  • Fine-tuning energy usage with existing equipment upgrades
  • Switching to lighter Number 2 oil, or from oil to gas for heating fuel
  • Adapting solar solutions to offset fuel usage
  • Eco-friendly HVAC chilling/cooling solutions
  • Building façade overcladding to reduce heat loss
  • Install modern thermo-pane windows
  • Switch to LED lighting
  • Educating building tenants on energy-saving practices

Our specialists can also save you time, money and possible non-compliance penalties by maximizing your chosen solutions into a single retrofit or renovation process. Our partnerships and industry relationships provide us the connections and resources to help you make the changes necessary for LL97 compliance. We can help you reduce your building’s carbon footprint and energy waste, while saving you money and improving the environment for everyone.

NYC Local Law 97 Compliance Specialists

Latitude Compliance is your local team of NYC Local Law 97 compliance specialists with the skills and knowledge to handle small to extremely large compliance projects. Regardless of the condition or size of your building in New York City, our team can manage specific aspects of your compliance efforts or build a comprehensive program to oversee every detail. We specialize in LL97 compliance so you can focus on what you do best.

There are strict time factors and reporting deadlines attached to numerous aspects of LL97 compliance, so don’t waste time. Contact the specialists at Latitude Compliance to schedule a free consultation to learn more. We’re happy to explain what we do and how our services can save you time and money, avoiding penalties and contributing to a better environment for our great city.