Building Decarbonization Internship Program 2022

We are excited to announce our second internship program- this time with NYC Accelerator‘s Building Decarbonization Internship Program and NYSERDA‘s Clean Energy Internship Program.

With Local Law 97 reaching its first deadline in less than two years, our clients, subcontractors and designers fumble with the complexities of this legislature. What are my options? How do I plan properly? How can I save? What are the best methods, alterations and upgrades for my building? What types of clean energy can I produce locally? How can I reduce my buildings carbon emissions, not just for 2023 but for 2030? What happens if I don’t comply? Are there rebates, financial aid, tax abatements or incentives available?

Our internship team of 2022 will be focusing on sustainable and operational building planning providing implementation methods and solutions for our clients; simplifying a complex problem.

We look forward to this semesters goals in developing strategic building planning in conjunction with LL97 and Latitude Compliance Services.

Welcome Team! We are excited to have you on board!