Initial Building ESG Compliance Audits

A Gallup poll revealed, “Three-quarters of U.S. adults care about a company’s impact on the environment when making purchase decisions.” If this were not enough impetus for taking action, NYC enacted new green building laws that require many of the city’s large buildings to make necessary changes to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy consumption. The beginning step in this process is an independent audit of your building’s current status. Latitude Compliance performs Initial Building ESG Compliance audits.

Gaining an understanding of relevant ESG risks, notably the environmental risks posed by the building in question, is more accurately handled by trained, independent auditors who know how to gather the facts from all stakeholders and calculate an accurate and unbiased assessment. This audit report is then presented to the building owner(s) along with recommended actions and a plan for systematically implanting those actions with an aim at compliance and avoiding penalties.

Latitude Compliance auditors will work with any internal auditors to review your building’s potential and actual violations of NYC LL97 for many related factors, including but not limited to:

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Carbon emissions
  • Energy usage
  • Climate impact

This Initial Building ESG Compliance audit provides a valuable benchmark from which to begin guided efforts to reach compliance with LL97 and better environmental sustainability.

Local Law 97 Compliance Solutions in NYC

Latitude Compliance works with building owners and operational teams to craft Local Law 97 compliance solutions in NYC, and that begins with an accurate, unbiased Initial Building ESG Compliance audit

Every initial audit for LL97 compliance by the specialists at Latitude Compliance are tailored to the building’s organization, purpose, social context and type of services or products produced at the property. As part of our comprehensive compliance guidance services, our team uses this initial ESG audit to:

  • Identify risks
  • Capture opportunities
  • Determine specific actions to reach compliance
  • Build a step-by-step plan leading to full compliance
  • Verify accuracy of all ESG disclosures

Contact Latitude Compliance in Brooklyn, New York, for a free initial building assessment to see if you must comply with the provisions of LL97. If so, we can perform the Initial Building ESG Compliance audit, and begin the process of designing a plan to bring your building in NYC into compliance to avoid any penalties.