Many NYC builders are facing challenges with LL97 compliance. Among those are finding ways to pay for the numerous modifications necessary to reduce their buildings’ carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency and other improvements. For many older buildings, affording the major changes required can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Latitude Compliance is your comprehensive LL97 compliance team that helps you find (and fund) solutions that make your properties LL97 compliant.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Buildings emit carbon from the energy they consume from various types of fuel – fuel oil, electricity or natural gas. LL97 mandates reduced carbon emission levels according to building types. A major way to accomplish this is by converting heat and hot water systems from using fossil fuels to electricity, and finding ways to use more clean electric sources.

These adaptations will require many building owners to exchange oil-fired or gas-fired equipment for newer, more efficient electrical systems. Moreover, other upgrades to improve energy use and reduce waste may also be necessary, such as installing newer windows, installing water efficient appliances and fixtures, installing solar energy sources and improving insulation quality.

Of course, as the global supply chain continues to experience shortages and other issues, the costs of materials continues to rise. In addition, the great demands on labor from the approximately 50,000 NYC buildings that require modifications will also make labor costs even higher, and project timeframes even longer.

Ways to Finance Your LL97 Upgrades in NYC

How can you afford your LL97 modifications and upgrades in NYC? Fortunately, New York has been a clean energy leader since 1975, and many programs exist to help owners and organizations finance their LL97 compliance measures. Latitude Compliance can review your needs as part of our comprehensive LL97 compliance services and help you obtain the resources you need. Some of the available options include:

  • Low-interest loans
  • Federal and state tax credits
  • Rebate programs
  • PACE financing
  • Grant programs
  • Public benefits funds

Latitude Compliance can work with you to tap into the more than 135 different resources available to help you find the funding you need to meet LL97 compliance deadlines and avoid penalties. Contact us today with your questions about funding, compliance, carbon emissions, testing and more. We also offer company workshops to help your organization get up to speed on LL97.

Posted on behalf of Latitude Compliance