Implemented to mitigate the impact of climate change, New York City Local Law 97 (LL97) intends to create a more sustainable and greener future for everyone in NYC. To achieve this, it requires owners of large buildings to meet specific emissions targets each year. The path to compliance with LL97 is complicated, and often done in a way that costs more than necessary. Hiring a consultant who takes a whole building approach is the more efficient and cost-effective way to tackle NYC LL97.

Ensure Your NYC LL97 Consultant Takes a Whole Building Approach

Many LL97 consultants only handle parts of the project, resulting in a piecemeal approach. This can lead to cost overruns and even compliance issues if the entire building is not addressed with a complete plan.

Your NYC LL97 Consultant should:

Assess Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

A consultant should provide a detailed report on your building’s energy use and identify areas where you can make upgrades, reduce emissions and save on energy costs.

Develop a Compliance Plan

A compliance plan is a roadmap for long-term sustainability and includes making energy efficiency upgrades, investing in renewable energy and reporting your emissions to the city.

Assist with Upgrades and Renewable Energy Investments

The consultant can help you find contractors, obtain permits, ensure that the upgrades are done properly and help find the best financing options.

Provide Support with Reporting and Monitoring

LL97 requires building owners to report their emissions to the city on an annual basis. The consultant can provide support with this process and ensure that your building is reporting accurate emissions data.

With an experienced consultant taking over from start to finish, you can stop worrying about the details of NYC LL97 and remain compliant in the most efficient way.

How to Choose the Right Consultant in NYC

Your consultant should provide their own team of experts with a depth and breadth of understanding of not only LL97, but also the entire workings of the building. They should have a whole building philosophy and accept responsibility for every stage of the project.

By working with the Latitude Compliance team, you can ensure your building is sustainable, avoid penalties and generate a better ROI while remaining compliant with LL97. To discuss our whole building approach, contact our office today.

Posted on behalf of Latitude Compliance