NYC Office Building Energy Analysis/EMC to Determine Carbon Emissions

New energy laws in New York City are an opportunity for property owners to reduce emissions, save money and improve the quality of life for residents, neighborhoods and the entire city population. Latitude Compliance works with organizations and individuals that own buildings to evaluate, plan, implement and monitor measures to bring their buildings into compliance with LL97 and other applicable energy efficiency statutes.

The third step in the process Latitude Compliance follows when working with your organization to bring your building into compliance with LL97 is an energy analysis. Our skilled energy management consultants review your building’s total envelope, HVAC, lighting and electrical power, service water heating, carbon emissions and other systems to evaluate their compliance with LL97 and other applicable provisions of the New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC).

Your NYC office building energy analysis also describes the plan we design to move your building further along the compliance pathway toward the goal of full compliance. As your professional EMC team, this is part of our comprehensive services to help transform your existing buildings into more eco-friendly properties that comply with new laws and prevent non-compliance consequences, like fines.

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Improving Energy Efficiency

Our EMC specialists will review your building and recommend improvements for more efficient use of energy and reducing waste. Some of the most wasteful areas in larger buildings can include:

  • HVAC
  • Domestic hot water
  • Poor insulation allowing air and moisture infiltration

After your comprehensive building energy analysis, the team from Latitude Compliance will work with you to create and implement energy waste reduction strategies and building improvements. By reducing waste usage and improving your building’s condition to prevent loss, we can reduce your carbon footprint, energy use and energy costs.

Bringing your building into compliance with LL97 and other local NYC regulations requires many steps and complex procedures. Latitude Compliance simplifies this process for you by being your authoritative team that handles the entire process from the beginning to ongoing compliance reporting. Contact us today to learn more.