DOB Approval & Permits

Before any construction or renovation project begins on your building in New York City for LL97 compliance, an application must be submitted for review by the Department of Buildings (DOB) to make sure the plans are in compliance with the NYC Building Code. The majority of construction requires a Department of Buildings permit. Latitude Compliance can handle DOB approval and permits as part of our comprehensive LL97 compliance services. With 25 years of experience in expediting with the NYC Department of Buildings, we will manage the process through DOB approval.

The permit type you require will depend on the type of retrofit, renovation or remodeling project you are undertaking as part of your LL97 compliance efforts. Permits will be required, for example, of you are replacing or adding a façade to your building, upgrading electrical, plumbing, HVAC, boilers or other types of work. The primary permit applications are: New Building (NB) and Alterations Type-1, 2, and 3:

  • NB: Construction of new structures
  • ALT1: Major alterations that will change use, egress or occupancy
  • ALT2: Multiple types of work, not affecting use, egress or occupancy
  • ALT3: One type of minor work, not affecting use, egress or occupancy

A New York State licensed professional engineer (PE) or registered architect (RA) must submit construction plans to obtain a permit. Latitude Compliance provides the specialists necessary to approve plans, apply for permits and satisfy DOB legal/zoning requirements. When all submissions are satisfied, they will approve the application.

NYC Local Law 97 Specialists

Latitude Compliance is your comprehensive team of NYC Local Law 97 specialists that handle every aspect of your LL97 compliance efforts. From initial review and building design to permitting, contracting professionals, benchmark reporting and more, we can oversee it all from start to finish. Running your business or managing your properties remains your focus while we take care of the details of LL97 compliance and renovation efforts.

When you need timely and reliable guidance and management to bring your NYC building into compliance with Local Law 97 and other applicable laws, Latitude Compliance is the team you can trust. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about your building, and find out what is needed to bring it into full compliance with LL97 in New York.