Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) are documented credits NYC building owners can use to show that at least some of their electric power was obtained from a renewable source. While you may not utilize any renewable energy systems in your actual building (like solar power), you can still get credit for this green option by purchasing RECS. Latitude Compliance can help you determine the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency for your NYC building to comply with LL97 and other applicable local laws.

Using RECS in New York City for LL97 Compliance

More building owners and managers across New York City are becoming aware of different options to help them comply with the provisions of LL97. This New York law mandates changes to certain buildings throughout NYC to reduce their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. There are strict deadlines and potential fines for not reaching your compliance goals in time.

NYC building owners can purchase RECS to offset their annual calculated building emissions. This is just one strategy that the Latitude Compliance team may recommend for your specific needs, timeline and budget. However, it is vital to realize that LL97 only “allows building owners to deduct or offset annual building emissions by buying local RECs – green power generated in or flowing directly into New York City” (NYSIO Zone J).

If there is no surplus of clean power generated in this zone (from which RECS are generated), then this option is not available. An LL97 compliance expert from Latitude Compliance can explain more about how this works and if any allowable credits are available.

Consult with the NYC LL97 Compliance Experts

The NYC LL97 compliance experts at Latitude Compliance may recommend a combination of different options to help you avoid penalties from your building’s carbon footprint. Certain renovations, retrofits or upgrades can make your building use energy efficiently or even generate a measure of its own power. On-site renewable energy generation, battery storage units and carbon offsets are all viable options that may meet your specific needs. We will work with you and various specialists to determine the most workable and affordable solutions possible.

Contact Latitude Compliance today to schedule a free consultation with your organization, shareholders or building co-owners. We are happy to explain the ramifications of LL97, how they affect your building and how we can help.

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