Budget and Bidding for LL97 Compliance (ESG Consultants)

Latitude Compliance is your authoritative team in NYC that provides one all-inclusive compliance process for building owners needing help with LL97 compliance. As experienced ESG consultants, we can work with you on every phase of moving your building into compliance with LL97 and other applicable local laws, including budget and bidding.

After determining what changes your building needs to comply with the carbon emissions and energy efficiency provisions of LL97 and designing a plan, the next phase is budget and bidding for LL97 compliance. Our specialists collaborate with you to formulate a budget to pay for the retrofits, renovations and upgrades required, as well as expenditures for carbon offsets, renewable energy credits and other options.

Latitude Compliance experts will help you explore all the available incentives, including ConEdison’s Limited Offering, the NYS Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program incentives, NYSERDA FlexTech or financing from HPD or other lenders to offset costs. There are 135 different resources available within the state of New York, including financial incentives like:

  • Loans
  • Tax credits
  • Rebate programs
  • PACE financing
  • Grant programs
  • Public benefits funds

Experienced ESG Advisors that Handle Compliance Bidding

After the necessary financing has been secured, it’s time to get to work! LL97 provisions all have compliance deadlines to meet to avoid penalties. The experienced ESG advisors at Latitude Compliance can manage the process of letting out bids and dealing with the various contractors needed to complete your building renovations and upgrades.

We have the specialists that know construction and bidding and how to implement the work in time to meet LL97 compliance deadlines. This is all part of our comprehensive LL97 compliance services that let you focus on running your business or managing your properties while we handle the LL97 details.

Contact Latitude Compliance today to schedule a free consultation, and learn more about how we can help you!