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Financing LL97 Compliance Renovations

Many building owners in NYC are facing challenges complying with LL97 regulations. NYC Local Law 97 (LL97) requires buildings to reduce their carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency and make other improvements. However, affording these changes can be difficult, especially for older buildings. Latitude Compliance is a team that can help [...]

NYC Local Law 97 Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines

If you're a building owner or property manager in New York City, you've heard about Local Law 97. This law passed in 2019, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings by setting strict emissions caps for certain types of buildings. To comply with Local Law 97, building owners will [...]

Carbon Emissions and My NYC Apartment Building

Do you own a NYC apartment building? By now you are familiar with Local Law 97 (LL97) and how it impacts your property. Climate change is gaining more attention as people become aware of their actions on the environment. One of the major contributors to climate change is carbon emissions. [...]

Don’t Risk Shortcuts to LL97 Compliance

Local Law 97 regulations in the City of New York require “Covered Buildings” to be upgraded and retrofitted if they are not energy efficient and exceed the allowable emissions. Building owners must seek solutions that are new and challenging. Numerous engineers, architects, and other specialists may recommend shortcuts to LL97 [...]

Indoor Environmental Quality in Sustainable Buildings

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is essential to sustainable buildings and LL97 compliance. It refers to the health, comfort and safety of the indoor environment, which is vital for the well-being of the occupants. Sustainable buildings aim to reduce environmental impact while providing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Why is [...]

Material Efficiency in Sustainable Buildings: A Key Component of Green Construction

As the world grapples with climate change and environmental degradation, green construction has become an essential tool for promoting sustainable development. Sustainable buildings are designed to minimize their impact on the environment and maximize their efficiency in the use of resources. One of the critical components of sustainable buildings is [...]

Roof Concerns to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Increase Energy Efficiency

Climate change is a major concern today, and LL97 compliance requires commercial buildings across NYC to reduce their carbon footprint. One way to do this is by making changes to the roof. The roof is one of the most important structures of a building, and it plays a crucial role [...]

Plumbing Solutions to Conserve Water in Apartment Buildings

As our planet's resources continue to dwindle, conserving water wherever and however we can is essential. New York’s Local Law 97 (LL97) requires buildings to comply with energy efficiency standards by a specified deadline. Part of the overall changes to your building may include the plumbing. Apartment buildings, in particular, [...]

Exploring the 4 Elements of Sustainable Building

Sustainable building is now at the forefront of New York City building contractors. NYC Local Law 97 (LL97) has focused attention on the environment and the impacts that humans have on it. Therefore, it is essential to consider the sustainability of new and existing buildings. Sustainable building involves designing and [...]