NYC Annual ESG Compliance Monitoring Service

In addition to stringent standards for reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency in Local Law 97 and other applicable laws, there are ongoing monitoring and reporting guidelines that must be met into the foreseeable future. Ongoing efforts and improvements are likely in your building’s future, and as time passes, other changes can occur that warrant more upgrades or renovations.

The ESG specialists at Latitude Compliance are here until the very end and beyond. We will check in to make sure everything was designed, executed and operates as planned in your structured LL97 compliance plan; plus, we provide annual ESG compliance monitoring services for your NYC building. A yearly review is performed, and the report detailing your compliance level is prepared and submitted by the appropriate deadlines to keep you within compliance guidelines and avoid penalties.

NYC Local Law 97 Experts

Environmental laws are ever-changing as science evolves and new benchmarks are developed. Becoming compliant with existing LL97 provisions is only the beginning. In addition to future compliance requirements that have already been established, more could be required. Put those worries aside and focus on managing your properties while Latitude Compliance keeps tabs on the evolving environmental picture and any new laws.

Our NYC Local Law 97 experts keep up with yearly inspections and reporting, as well as make sure any changes to your building meet existing or upcoming guidelines and compliance levels. Trust Latitude Compliance with all your LL97 concerns now (to make your building compliant) and in the future (as new regulations are adopted or building changes warrant new upgrades).

Contact us today in NYC, and schedule your free consultation to learn more about our comprehensive LL97 compliance services.